A factory of innovation and technology

About Us

2Mundos Inc. is a factory of innovation and technology, specializing in customized solutions for software and IoT, meeting the demands of its customers in the most diverse markets around the world. Our team has extensive experience in creating digital environments, developing custom mobile and web apps that scale.


Multidisciplinary Teams

Consisting of a team of more than 70 multidisciplinary professionals, with experience in several types of projects, our team is constantly evolving and in search of knowledge, processes and technologies to be applied to daily challenges.

3 Regions

With operations in USA, LATAM, and Europe, 2Mundos Inc. offers custom software and hardware solutions designed for your company's specific needs with software and hardware capabilities.


Helped dozens of Startups and corporations

Helping their founders and teams with the technical support they need to develop their ideas at every stage of production, including expert end-product support.


We do innovation through technology

Started in 2011, at the time social networks and smartphones went mainstream, 2Mundos was formed by a very strong technical team that had the dream to build innovative and disruptive applications and platforms. Our founders have worked for many years on the video game, technology and media fields, and had a deep understanding of the industries capabilities and challenges.

Knowledge enables 2Mundos to work in different areas of technology

Our team enable us to optimize the entire software and hardware development process, using the latest and most innovative technologies available in the market.