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Educational Platforms


The collaboration of 2Mundos with Age of Learning began in 2014 and so far,

we have more than 5 years working side by side in several projects involving applications, games and platforms for the children's audience, always aiming to teach in a fun way and with a lot of interactivity.


This project was developed for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) in addition to a backoffice (Web)

Meteor + MongoDB, Ionic, Angular and Google Maps Platform technologies were used for application development.


2Mundos’s team of Software Engineers assist in the evolution and maintenance

2Mundos was responsible for developing the scooters entire IOT, from boards design to communications solution.

Other projects developed by 2Mundos

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Meet some of the challenges that came as simple ideas and partnered with the expertise of 2Mundos' team, have become products that serves millions of users today.

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